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Yoga Class Etiquette

Understanding and adhering to basic yoga class etiquette is essential to feeling more comfortable and centered during our practice. Practicing silence, acceptance, self-awareness, and respect for ourselves, the teacher and other students is an integral and important part of the practice and imbedded in the traditional teachings of Yoga

Yoga Class

Place shoes and belongings away from your mat

Bags and shoes can be tripping hazards, if you are unsure where to place them please ask the teacher

Switch your phone to silent and away from reach

If you have an important call to take by all means keep your phone nearby and take the call outside of class. But otherwise phones should be put away

Embrace the quiet

Keep talking to an absolute minimum there is always time after class to socialise which is encouraged. But please be mindful that many students come to class to switch off and relax, turn inward and take some time for themselves. Chatting during class time is distracting and even dangerous when poses are being taught and people need to be able to hear the instructions given and remain focused

Try and arrive 5-10 minutes early to settle in before class

If you do come in late please come in quietly 

Be kind and supportive of yourself and others 

This one speaks for itself

Yoga Class

Practice silence and stillness during savsana and final meditation

However tempted you may be to chat to the person next to you or leave and skip out, resist it. This is where our practice assimilates and we get some well needed rest and time to be. If you must leave before the end, please leave quietly before people settle in to savasana (relaxation)


Though we practice in a group Yoga is an internal and personal practice... So in it's truest form, there is also a part of yoga etiquette which is accepting distractions and disturbances with contentment in our heart

Life happens and spontaneous things can happen during Yoga and if we create space within ourselves and use distractions as an invitation to stay focused but at the same time adhering to the basic Yoga Class Etiquette that's the sweet spot. These guidelines will help us to collectively cultivate a safe and welcoming space for everyone to come together to practice Yoga

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