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" Lea is amazing and blessed to have as a Yoga and Breath Work Instructor. Guides through calmly and always checking in to see how you feel after a session. Very genuine person. Thank you "

- K -

" She is very lovely. Encourages me lets me take my time. I love it. I can feel my body relax. I understand a little. It goes very quick. I am happy. I feel safe there "

- T -

" I love Yoga classes and recommend to everyone. My muscles are softer and my breathing is better "

- G -

"First of all thanks Lea she make me better human and alive .As a yoga therapist, Lea works with each student to find variations to make the practice safe, comfortable, and valuable. She suggests that daily practices. As she explains, Yoga is not just an exercise. It is a way of life. since I started practicing yoga my mental health has improved so much. My body feels so strong and it definitely helps with my anxiety. I really don't know what I'd do without yoga in my life now. Thanks Lea you are the best"

- A -

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