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The Blind Men and The Elephant - John Godfrey Saxe

A poem about perspective....

Can we say then, that there is no right or wrong answers and that it's all a matter of perspective?

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Thank you,

Lea x

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Aug 30, 2023

Thanks for this Lea. Did you know this parable can be found in Buddhist scripture? The views argued over here are metaphysical speculations - "The universe is infinite/finite...", "The soul and body are separate/one and the same..." and Saxe's poem refers to speculative arguments about God. On the level of metaphysical speculation, there can be no ultimate right or wrong and, as you say, remains a matter of personal perspective. But can we realise experiential truths? That is, truths related to our shared human experience of the here and now? Would understanding our experience, knowing ourselves fully, be worth pursuing? Regarding personal faith/beliefs, the Buddha points out how one 'safeguards' truth: "If a person has conviction, his statement, 'This is my conviction,' safeguards the…

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