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World of Words

Wasted words

Nouns and verbs

Like clowns with blurbs

We build worlds with words

Spells we cast

Words our craft

Emerge from moments past

And the words are so vast

Yet still cannot describe

The feelings inside

The experiences we hide

The inner guide - dance

Dance around the subject

Because when words are public

The judges condemn the subjects

Not the "subject" but the subjects

Not the word but the speaker

Not the bible but the preacher

Not the lesson but the teacher

Not the creation but the creature

Is it time now to take a breather

That's not a question but the answer

See words also come with karma

Surface level drama

Using words to charm her, as armour

to harbour and harm her

Buy beyond all that there's calm


Where never a word has been spoken

Silence beyond the noise unbroken

Life lives on beautifully free of narrative just listen


Universal truth, true experience is mute

When we word it the experience is mutated

From divine into something that "we" created

From appreciated to abbreviated

Wasted words

So highly rated

Wasted words

So delectably tasted

Why is it so important to be heard

Sounds and symbols used by the herds

The world still unfolds without the words ♡

- ConsciousLea

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