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LBBD Introduction to Yoga Classes - Class Criteria

Can we let it all go? Just for a moment......

Have you experienced yoga before? Or maybe you have thought about it but you haven't been to a class yet? Whether you're experienced or just starting out we provide an inclusive environment where you can do as much or as little as you feel to do

Yoga with Lea is a relaxed style of Yoga inviting us to process feelings through the body and calm the mind.  In contrast to the constant doing, we focus simply on being, being in the moment, meeting ourselves where we are. Moving, stretching, releasing, supporting our fascia and lymphatic systems, settling the nervous system and learning how to self sooth and communicate with the body

If you are looking for a place to release, rebalance and restore please see the class details and criteria below


The Dagenham Library class is held every Friday 10am at Dagenham Library Church Elm Lane. This is a free weekly class for the residents of Barking & Dagenham

The Barking Park Pavilion (in partnership with Company Drinks) class is held every Thursday at 10am at the Barking Park Pavilion (Longbridge Rd Entrance). This is a free weekly class for residents known to the groups or Vocational Services


Please contact me at with any questions prior to booking

The classes last around 90 minutes and offering a safe space and inclusive community. There are limited spaces available for each class, if you would like to secure a spot please click the link below to book

"From my heart to yours, Namaste"

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