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About Yoga with Lea

"90 meditative minutes completely dedicated to you. A safe space to relax, release tension, rebalance and restore your mind and body. No experience necessary"


What to expect: Each session is unique and intuitive however...

Yoga with Lea offers a relaxed style of Yoga with self soothing gestures, self massage, slow flowing movements and deep releasing breaths. With Mindfulness at the heart of this practice, we will use movement to move through feelings and moments of stillness and observation to realise the inner peace that resides within us beyond the noise of everyday life. In contrast to the constant doing, we focus simply on being, being in the moment, meeting ourselves where we are. Resulting in a deep meditative state of relaxation, restoration and rebalance. Prioritising the feelings in the body over the thoughts in the mind, exploring the present moment through the body and the breath

During the final savsana Lea will bathe you in the sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls, giving relaxing suggestions offering mindful moments. You will be brought round with the subtle and beautiful sounds of Koshi Chimes and ques to follow the invitations from the body. And we finish our practice with a small meditation closing with connection to the heart 

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