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Upcoming Events & Workshops

  • 05 Oct, 12:00 – 14:00
    Barking, Outdoor Bowls Pavilion, Barking Park, Longbridge Rd, Barking IG11 8TA, UK
    Do you have an interest in cultivating well-being and/or learning about and connecting with nature in a nurturing way? If so Herb Club may be for you

LBBD Introduction to Yoga Classes & Criteria

Are you a Barking & Dagenham Resident wanting to try Yoga? We have two weekly Introduction to Yoga classes available. Click on more info to find out more.....


 Every class I've attended Lea has helped me in many ways. I really find the class beneficial to my physical and mental health "


" I feel my pain in the back is less than before. The time spent there is helping me for my mental health. This is the only time I have only for myself. Really thankful I am in this group. Big thanks to Lea "


" Lea is very welcoming and calm. She explains all the poses and will provide her help. She will give an explanation of each pose as well as the meaning behind it. This provides a better understanding of Yoga overall "


" A relaxing atmosphere, you can do as much as you feel able to do. I am feeling more relaxed, muscles are feeling little more flexible"

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A little insight...

Due to living with a long term Mental Health diagnosis, Mental Wellness isn't just something that is important to Lea but something she prioritises in her day to day life


Favouring radical self reflection, self advocacy and preventative choices. Committed to increasing her state of awareness and embracing taking autonomy over her body and life experience. She has found has led to a more comfortable and enriching state of being

Troubled waters inevitably still arise but using Intuitive Yoga. Living Consciously and Holistically she feels more equipped and empowered to navigate them


Since experiencing the long term benefits these practices and lifestyles have brought to her, she looks for means to implement them into classes and workshops. To share with others who may benefit from them too

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